Blah.. GiftHulk.

So.. It’s been 2 days and Cat is the only one who signed up under my GiftHulk Invite. The entries she would’ve gotten was 3 Extra entries in the following giveaway AFTER the 100 Follows giveaway.

But wait! Cat gets an extra 3 entries because she was the one and only person who signed up.

:D Better rewards when you listen.

Anyway, I was on GiftHulk, and I got a free Fountain of Youth (FOY) code from Guess the Card!

So………. It is only available for 3 users but worth 19 HC!

But stop right there! Here’s the catch. ;) The first 3 People to sign up under my GiftHulk Invite Link will get the code!

Have a good day! (Night for me..)


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Posted on August 29, 2013, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 19 Comments.

  1. i have to do it AGAIN?

  2. October~Fina566

    I signed up! I AM SIGNED UP

  3. October~Fina566

    Hey, get on Fantage. I just got 5 new items, and 2 are star!

  4. sorry i can’t, my dad blocked gifthulk so i can’t earn hc anymore. ever. :(

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